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Hole in sump? A get-you-home fix. - Oberon - 12-14-2016 09:59 AM

For all I know this might be common knowledge, but I've never heard of it before so I thought I should post my discovery on the board in case any Syncronaut finds himself in the same predicament. (This is the short version of a long story which I'll spare you. Don't ask.)

Situation: On the Tapfontein 4WD circular drive in the Anysberg Nature reserve at about the mid-point of the circuit. Alone. Climbing a steep rocky slope I hit a rock first with the front crossmember then a split-second later came an odd thump from the back end. At the top of the climb I got out to check for damage and found oil pouring from a hole in the front of the sump. I'd say I was losing more than 500ml a minute.

I parked the bus on an upward slope to try to minimise the oil loss then lay underneath holding a stick in the hole while I tried to work out my best option. I tried to get a small screw into the hole but the hot oil burned my hand and I couldn't hold it there so I quickly gave up on that. Second hope was Pratley's steel putty which I normally keep on board, but of course not this time. All I had was some rather old GunGum which I moistened and softened and desperately pushed into the still leaking hole. Bang! The leak stopped instantly, I couldn't believe my luck and with the bus back on the level I found I still had a little oil on the dipstick. Half an hour later the Gungum had hardened from the heat of the sump so I applied another two layers, topped up with the 500ml of oil I had on board and drove back carefully to the reserve office. But it was near dark by then and they had closed.

In the morning I got more oil from the park ranger but they had no Pratleys so I drove even more carefully to Touws Rivier, at first checking every ten minutes to see if the repair would hold, which it did, and eventually I drove the 200Km back to Cape Town without a problem.

Morals: 1. Never go off-road in a single vehicle. (stupid, stupid)
2: Never go anywhere without NEW Pratley's Steel putty AND GunGum

Hope this helps somebody and apologies if it's already common knowledge.

RE: Hole in sump? A get-you-home fix. - syncromad - 12-15-2016 11:10 AM

thats why syncro's have skid plates under the motor as well.

RE: Hole in sump? A get-you-home fix. - Oberon - 12-15-2016 05:32 PM

I think Santa must bring me a sump shield of some sort. Stuart do you happen to have any pics of a Syncro one?

RE: Hole in sump? A get-you-home fix. - Oberon - 08-15-2017 05:40 PM

At the end of July I found the repair leaking oil again, it had lasted 7 months. I covered the Pratleys with more GunGum to stop it messing my brick driveway, but that only lasted a day. The following day I wiped the GunGum off with a finger and realised that since I had applied it to a COLD sump it had not hardened and sealed the leak as it had when the oil was hot in the Anysberg. The bus was due for a service so I took the opportunity to remove the sump and have it welded.

GunGum is great for a TEMPORARY bush repair on a hot sump. No good when cold. Pratleys is great for a cold, dry repair on clean, bare metal. I used it four times to repair leaks from a rusty petrol tank and not one of them ever leaked again.

Neve rset off on a bush trip without GunGum AND Pratleys.