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Auf Wiedersein - Dirty Germ - 04-23-2018 11:50 AM

As everything in life, there is a beginning and an end. With sadness and a heavy hart, it was also time to end the chapter in my life where I owned & restored a Syncro bus.

Thanks to the help of Francois du Toit, my bus (Olga) now has an enthusiastic new owner and I am sure he will enjoy her as much as I did. I really enjoyed my time on the Syncro forum and was always amazed to see the other owners passion for the vehicle and the willingness to share information. Please keep this up, as it is rare to find on other forums.

I will still keep an eye on the forum, as I still know people (now one more) who owns Syncro's. If allowed, I will try and post pics of my Syncro as purchased, and as she looked when I sold her.

Kind regards,
Herman Louwrens


RE: Auf Wiedersein - Gunther - 04-25-2018 12:54 PM

Dear Herman, this is a pity but that is life.
See you soon in PE :-)