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2.0i Golf Engine - serious issue, advice needed!
11-07-2017, 09:29 PM
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2.0i Golf Engine - serious issue, advice needed!
Hi all,

It appears that my 2.0i 2E remtec engine needs an overhaul. Eish.

Here's what happened:
So the engine has long since had a faint ticking sound. A few days ago I stalled suddenly on take off and thought it was just a shortage of petrol. But when I got home the engine was clacking like a tractor. I got a mechanic over to check it wasn't just tappet noise and he confirmed the worst. Noise is definitely coming from the block. He suspects a main bearing or conrod.

So here's the dilemma. He has offered to strip it and if it is just a parts replacement, can do it for me relatively quickly and cheaply. Another opinion I got from a mechanic I have used before said they may have to have to send the crankshaft away for grinding. At a minimum it will be R10k for stripping and rebuilding, plus any parts and machining, so R13-R15k estimate!

At that price, would I not be better off with a new engine? And how likely is it that the crank needs machining?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


1989 2.0i Syncro Camper (Gogo)
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2.0i Golf Engine - serious issue, advice needed! - nickgraham - 11-07-2017 09:29 PM

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