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Ok, Lets talk about my 2.3.....
11-10-2015, 10:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-10-2015 11:09 PM by ELVIS.)
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Ok, Lets talk about my 2.3.....
various posts of mine got a bit messy (my fault) and want to put them all into one post/thread.


The story goes like this.............

Recently bought a 2.3 (registered january 1999) off a good friend of mine. he has owned it for a couple of years. As far as he knows the previous owners son drove it from SA to Germany a few years ago, got fed up trying to register it, stored it in Germany then it ended up in the UK for sale (being RHD obviously).

My mate has more cars than sense (sorry chap if you read thisBig Grin) and probably onkly drove it a few hundred miles in the two years.

When i bought it it drove well, except for a slight judder off throttle in any gear. this was either on lifting off the throttle or very low throttle settings/positions. Put your foot down and it evened out.

The cambelt had been recently done but i had it checked twice by two different (competant) mechanics (depsite working in a VW garage myselfBlush - not enough hours in the day for me to do it!) It checked out ok for cam timings and ignition timing - needed a tweak but nothing outrageous (the bottom pulley had moved due to rubber but new timing mark put on for now)

Last week the immobiliser had a hissy fit then cured itself in an hour, never been a problem before or after.

Last tuesday night i was driving home and went up a hill and it kind of died, no power. Know i was running low on fuel and guess it was sucking fumes. Filled it up wednesday with 97 octane (what i usually use) and went to work on my day off. drove as if it had no guts to it. if i give it too much throttle i get almost like a diesel knock - (deffo not mechanical noise though), if i back off it goes away but i dont appear to lose power- almost as if giving it gas is killing it.

Replaced the plugs and leads. No difference. Satuurday my mate came up and lent me the coil off his other 2.3 that he owns. The van was stone cold and i thought it had improved things as it drove marginally better.

Thing is driving to work i go down hill, three miles of flat in heavy traffic, then a hill at the end when its hot. 20' slope it just about manages in 2nd. When i drive home its downhill when its cold, same flat, 30' hill and i am in first at the end when its hot. On saturday when i changed the coil it , i drove around my estate and went up the 30' hill and it was okish/better.

I think from this we can deduce it gets worst when hot.

The only way i can describe it is if its like trying to drive with a set of mole grips clamped onto the fuel line. Like i am just about to run out of fuel or in limp mode. OCCASSIONALLY if i am giving it beans, it will pick up for a split second and drive like its meant to but this is a fraction of a second on hard acceleration.

On saturday i replaced the leads again with a virtually brand new set from me mates 10v audi, these are OE. i switched the old plugs back in. No difference.

So far, i have also.......

Cleaned throttle body (appears to be from a Mk3 Golf gti) then took cover off TPS to check for damage/carbon etc and it was spotless.

I replaced the 4 pin temp sender for ECU with a genuine VW part (old one was aftermarket)

Taken the MAP sensor off the inlet manifold and cleaned the rubber inlet pipe. If i unplug it the engine dies.

Swapped over known good coil from mates 2.3 (although its an earlier one with MAP sensor on bulkhead next to round multiplug)

Taken the round multiplug off from the corner of the engine bay- i got all excited as it had water in and lots of green snot like corrossion. Cleaned it out with LOADS of contact cleaner, wiped the snot and water/cleaner out and repeated over and over. Left to dry unplugged.

Replaced fuel filter. Tiny bit of water but nothing horrendous, cut the filter open with hacksaw and tin snips and it was actually quite clean.

Tested fuel pressure from pump - 4+ ish bar (60 and a bit PSI?)

Didnt have a vacuum to test Fuel pressure regulator but had 2 AGG conversions in the garage. Took out my FPR and Partsbase part number says mine should be a 3bar FPR according to part number, mine was 4bar. swapped in a known good 3bar FPR. Replaced rubber hose from FPR to inlet manifold. No change.

Found four earth terminal rings on the RHS of engine bay just behind header tank, cleaned up the brass rings/bolt hole etc.



It is starting to run hotter than before and the auxilliary pump is going now ehen i park up where it never used to. Under the engine cover feels really hot when i park up.

It sounds like its pinking under load even though timing is set spot on at 6' with pins 2 + 4 bridged as per timing instructions.

Cant get a SA coil anywhere in the UK, have ordered an OE on VW - its off an Audi 200 and beru equivilent part number is 0 040 100 280.

I havent taken the main block earth strap off yet purely as i havent had time to get it on the ramp.

Where is the ECU earth? One of the rings i cleaned or elsewhere?

Should mine be a 3 or 4 BAR fuel pressure regulator?

Sta\rting to throw bits at it now in desperation. If main earth strap doesnt clear it i am considering splitting loom and continuity testing it and maybe even a new distributer.

massive thanks to russel for lots of pointers via messenger.[/size]
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11-11-2015, 07:36 AM
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RE: Ok, Lets talk about my 2.3.....
wanted to say, try the dizzy, is it an Oe dizzy or aftermarket, 5cyls don't run well on the aftermarket dizzy, may also try a new dizzy cap.

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11-11-2015, 06:57 PM
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RE: Ok, Lets talk about my 2.3.....
Hi Chap

Have ordered a new OE dizzy from VW today (£128+vat!Sad) comes with new cap and arm.Should be in next week with new coil

034 905 205H has been superseded by 034 905 237AX, watch this space............

Went to collect youngest from school, 3 mile round trip. Drove up the hill to my house, 1st gear, 3k rpm was best it could do, DIED in second
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