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Shock extensions
07-01-2014, 10:50 PM
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Shock extensions
Hi to all. Its along time since i posted anything.

I am considering extending my shocks to alow more downward travel, just enough not push the cv into its limits

Good or BAD idea?

My way of reasoning is, the shock limits the maximum travel of the front suspension and by lifting the suspension you are actualy only extending the spring which wil decrease suspension travel. This can be a slight drawback going into a twist although difflock will ensure traction , one can reduce body roll slightly by increacing suspension travel. Since this maximum angle of the cv will only occur at very low speed in an offroad twist, i can not forsee any harm to the cv's.

I see there is some kit available but DIY is possible

I only put HD Taxi springs in the font and that gave me a 50mm lift and i had to lift the rear 20mm to level out .

Anybody with any good or bad experieces regarding this
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07-02-2014, 07:01 AM
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RE: Shock extensions
Hi James

with a 50MM lift you are close to having max down ward travel, the cv's are probably close to locking aleady.

it is the shocks and the cv's that stop the down ward travel.

i lowered the front on the "thingcro" to get more travel again, the way to test is to undo the inner cv's, jack up and see the travel with shocks stopping the movement, then do the same with the cv's done up and the shocks undone, see which restrict the travel the most, then you know where to adjust.

i have shocks that are 30mm longer as well, so they have 60mm more travel in total but the cv's now stop the downward travel.


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