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4 wd activation...
06-01-2017, 04:12 PM
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4 wd activation...
Hi All

I recall reading about the activation of synco 4wd fitted with decoupler but cannot find it?

The one weekend
I was still able to activate 4wd and the next ,when I pulled the "knob",no activation!My choice now is to either take it to a mechanic with limited knowhow,or to knock it with a hammer in the right place/suck on a pipe/blow on a pipe or whatever.

Any advice will be appreciated..

(my bus still in Upington waiting reprograminning on black box instead of fitting aftermarket spitronix unit..)

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06-02-2017, 11:04 PM
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RE: 4 wd activation...
It can be a few things that are causing this. It may even be that the decoupler is engaging but the tell tail on the dashboard is not working. This would be were I would start. Jack up one side of your van with both wheels in the air. Start engine and engage 4x4 ( in neutral) Clime out and rotate the back wheel by hand, if it engages the front wheel will rotate. If not check that all the pipes are securely on the decoupler actuator. Then you can check if you have vacume at the actuator. Vacume will be on the blue side of it to engage and the black side to disengage. The vacume is not strong but it build if you put your finger over the end of the pipe. If there is no vacume then the problem will most likely be at the dash. If you do have vacume then it the actuator or the decoupler itself. Most common fault with the actuator is a tare in the red boot. This is were to start. :-)
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