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T3 SYNCRO - diesel engine conversion
09-18-2020, 01:21 PM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2020 01:35 PM by Andrew.)
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T3 SYNCRO - diesel engine conversion
Chaps, this is my syncro which has served me well over the years.....

Love her to bits...……..
Although the 2.1 boxer motor is fine, I had a bad experience once before on a T3 Caravelle where the motor was looked after meticulously but it left me with a bearing knock on the side of the road...… so my 'faith' as it were in them is a little 'dented'...

I have been toying with the idea of fitting a VW 1.9 Tdi motor and have managed to get the BLS version which I want to transplant into this bus...…
I do have all the bits and pieces to make it work in the bus, from the computer box to the 'fly by wire' accelerator pedal etc etc
Fitting it isn't the problem, or should I say how to fit it.....

Ive had some good conversations with Stuart who has been a great help.....

So I have 2 options here;
1.keep the current bellhousing and acquire an adapter plate, flywheel and crossmember - this helps in that I don't have any issues besides buying the above parts - my problem is the motor stands upright and I will have to raise the floor at the back above the motor - something which im not keen to really do.
2. Use the bellhousing from a newish T3 bus which came out with the golf 1800 motor in. This has the special engine mounting bars which run from front to back AND I have the aluminium pieces which bolt onto the motor and the sump. The advantage of this is that the motor lies over at an angle and will look factory fitted. My problems however are these, starter motor sits on top and will fowl with the tank - this is minor and not insurmountable. My MAIN problem, which I perceive to be a problem is the oil running away from the oil pickup in the sump and losing a motor because the turbo sucks up the oil and the motor destroys itself. I must add that the motor has the uprated vane turbo, as well as a billet cam (just fitted) and other stuff to make it like new.

So that's my dilemma - looking forward to some inputs

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