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October Wesbreek
09-23-2011, 11:59 AM
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Re: October Wesbreek
My syncro in for repairs at the moment but will also keep my eyes peeled for the next trip.cant wait
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09-27-2011, 05:36 PM
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Re: October Wesbreek
The campsite is confirmed with Gerrit. If you need directions to get to the Oasis please contact me <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> or check out <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

I have 2 bags of someones wood left over from the last Wesbreek, I will take another 2. Gerrit does sell bags of braaiwood but otherwise please take along 1 bag each.
If you dont want to make braai or cook for the whole weekend then no problem because Gerrit makes mean toasted sarmies all day – when he has the bread then he gets all fensi and makes Tramazinis as well – he makes a worthwhile breakfast and they also have meals at night that you need to let them know in advance to prepare.

Outlook for the weekend;

Folks who arrive earlier get a fire going in the campsite with a pot of coffee and a few cold beers – or go up to Gerrit and coagulate there [or is that correlate – no actually I think I meant congregate]. Early to bed for most, or maybe not.

Next morning either breakfast in the backpackers or in the campsite. 2 people will sit with Gerrit to have him hand draw a map of the best Rock paintings in the area and he will issue permits for the areas. These 2 people will be our Guides for the Rock Art walks.

One group can drive to the rock art area to walk to the paintings and caves.

Another group can drive to the Langkloof where they will hike a short route to the Wolfbergs Arch.

The rest will stay in the campsite, chill around the pool with the sheep and the Springbokkie and catch a few sunrays.

Everyone should be back in the campsite at about 4, potjie and stokbrood for sups. [a few pieces of rib and chicken wings for starters]

Sunday after brunch those who feel like off road stuff go back through Clanwilliam, Eselbank and Wupperthal. I will be taking scenic route back over Algiers and others might be taking shortest route back the way we came through Ceres.

I will only be getting into the camp late on Friday night. Whoever gets there first just let Chantal or Gerrit know that you are booked onto the GROUP campsite and they will point you in the direction of where it is in between the Orange orchard. It has its own bathroom and buite kombuis. Make yourself at home but please dont park your vehicle on the cement slab – that is for Gauteng surfing (langarm dancing). :lol:
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