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National Saamtrek
03-19-2012, 12:30 PM
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I have really bogged down with work and to make out exact lists of distances and fuel stops and all sorts is just not going to happen from me, so please extract what you need from how I am going to do the trip for your own personal needs.

I apologise to the guys that are not coming from the South. I have not arranged for anything regarding camping and travelling together and the Tuesday night and travelling to the rendezvous on Wednesday at Mvubu is at your own arrangement.

De Rust and from Mvubu all camping has been booked as a group booking and you will pay on arrival either on reporting at the entrance or to one of our group who will be delegated to collect from you on arrival.
I will send out a list via email later today to the group that has sent me their details of all the cellphone numbers of everyone. If you havent sent me your cell number yet please mail it to me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

I have checked this morning with people in the Kloof regarding the road conditions in Baviaans and they are in better than normal condition with teams still busy doing road repairs in sections that previously were rough going. The rivers are also low level streams that are easily crossed at the moment.
I am leaving tuesday late afternoon from Hermanus and should be in De Rust before everyone wakes up for a pee in the middle of the night.
I am going to get a piece of wors to braai and a rolletjie which will also make up a bit of padkos for Wednesday.
I am taking with 1 bag of braai wood for every night and a bag of charcoal for potjie/quick braai.
There is electricity at this Campsite but all the sites do not have electricity. I am not electricity sensitive and when my cellphone goes flat then that is the end of my electricity dependance.

Wednesday Steven will meet us early morning, he is staying in Oudtshoorn.
We aim to leave at 08h00 with full fuel tanks and ice in cooler boxes.
Into Meiringspooort then right at Klaarstroom onto sand roads [I stop and drop my tyre pressure to 1.9/2 bar] through Willowmore where you can buy more ice and meat if you want, and onto more sand roads and farm servitudes through Steytlerville where we l will fill up with fuel.
Try steal the gattling guns off the pedastal in the hoofstraat of Steytlerville and buy n choppie for the braai tonight and mince vetkoek because my wors from last night is now finished.

If Steven takes us through Wolwefontein then I will be happy because then I can return the tube of patching solution I borrowed there. There is no fuel in Wolwefontein, but ice cold beer, good coffee and meals that I havent had the privelege to try yet. There is also a great and true legend about a legless man and a baboon to be told here.

On to Mvubu and meet with the other Syncros, I hide away behind a bush because everyone has such fantastic gear and beautiful rustfree vehicles.
I now will now have a tank still with ample fuel, a 5 litre drinking water bottle and a 5 litre standby bottle. I have cold beer on ice and a katemba-able bottle of wine bought en route to enjoy while enjoying my 1 packet ration of braai wood and burning my choppie to a crisp on my ration of charcoal. A pot of pap on the side with my home made chillie sauce. End of day.

Thursday I will have my pot of coffee on Leons gas stove and I will borrow milk and sugar from Verine and she can have some of my moer coffee while I wrap the leftover choppies in a piece of cold pap for breakfast with BBQ sauce.
I leave with Ians group to do the trail while Peter convinces the other group that they are in the park already and should do a drive through for some game spotting for the morning, maybe see the hippos.
On the trail we will do a coffee stop where I will finish the 2L coke that has been used for katemba while I fill a slice of bread with baked beans and chili sauce.

Out of the trail [stop and put some air into the Dunlops] to the Autopavilion 60km away to meet with Peters group. If there is enough time then off to HiTech for a quick squizz and fill up with fuel, ice and a piece of beenvleis for a potjie. This I can also do in Patensie after checking out the biggest sundial in the Southern Hemisphere, or a few km off course at the Shopping centre at Lorraine in PE if I have forgotten anything big at home. patensie has a few farm stalls where you have to set a time limit or else people are going to spend the rest of the day there.
I will also buy 2 whole frozen chickens which I will wrap in newspaper and put in the vleisbox under the ice, a few more beers and a 2 litre coke to thin out the lumps in the red wine.
When I get to Doringkloof my pot goes on top of the charcoal with the beenvleis and whatever veggies and meat anyone else wants to contribute [number 6 pot] with the number 3 pot with Koring on the side. While this is bubbling its heart out I am going to join in the fishing competition or maybe the scuba divers, depends on how hot it is.

Friday morning the earlier the better to get away.
Coffee and rusks and then hit the road into the Wilderness area. It is 18km from Bruintjieskraal and we will either have to stop at the Komdomo office or at the boom to pay a conservation levy – R20 Adutls – R10 Children. While here I will drop my pressure to about 1.8.
Brunch on the road, spot to be determined by the lead group. The jaffle iron is packed in and left over potjie or bullybeef in a jaffle toasted on Louwtjies gas cooker is going to be a brunch almost as good as skottel with eggs, bacon, onions and mushrooms. I think the skottel idea could win.
Relaxed drive for me, I am right at the back and a swim or 2 is not out of the question.
Friday night I am going to make a nice big fire because if I need more wood I can buy from the snoepie at Doringkloof which also has drinks, chips, ice and meat. I can also pop a few km’s down the road to Kleinpoort where there is LRP and Diesel, a bottle store and allsorts. No red meat only chicken. In the afternoon I will take out my chicken from yesterday to defrost and put it in the rotisserie to make it dizzy. This should take about long enough to learn a few social skills and discuss how to change the course of the planet.

Sat morning catch up on sleep time so only get out of bed at 06;30 and hit the trail if anyone is that way inclined [skuzapun]. Otherwise have steaming hot shower, pull out the skottel and slap up a humungus breakfast before exploring the hidden treasures of the Kloof.
Its competition time in the afternoon to pit my machinery against those brave enough to take up the challenge and also the guestimate accuracy of those challengers.
The potjie should have been cleaned by this time and be ready for another round of chicken or beef or alternatively chicken and beef.

Sun morning depending on whether we have been evicted or are still in the campsite I will decide what is an appropriate time to head for Kareedouw..........

If you have a compressor bring it with. Dont go and buy one specially.
You will not need a long range fuel tank unless you cant do 400km on your tank.
If you have a snatch rope and tow rope – bring it with. Dont buy one specially.
If you have a 2 way radio bring it with. Preferably 29 meg but also not a requisite.
Tools/emergency spares/condoms/extra filter/oil
Food for 2 days at a time.
Usual camping equipment – weber braai, rotisserie, microwave, kenwood chef,
Spare wheel etc etc.
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03-19-2012, 12:39 PM
Post: #92
Re: National Saamtrek
Hey Chris that sounds goooood! What is your ETA at Mvubu on Wednesday? We'll meet you there.
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03-19-2012, 08:32 PM
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Re: National Saamtrek
its less than 400km from De Rust - but there are palenty pretty roads that Steven knows and every dorpie has something that holds you back so we are being ambitious in aiming for 4 o clock. But if nobody takes a photo or stops to gesels with the Oomie asking questions about hierdie snaakse kombie karre - then we could be at Mvubu by 2 o clock. [or maybe knot?]
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03-19-2012, 09:54 PM
Post: #94
Re: National Saamtrek
Have a problem with the aftermarket ECU wich should be sorted on Wednesday in Mossel Bay. Also broke the clutch bracket thing on Sunday wile doing a mountain trail in the Klein Karoo. Welded it up for a quick fix home but need to get this sorted as well. Please exclude me from this trip for now, will catch you in the Kloof if everything is fixed by Friday, but aint holding my breath as there is not enough time left IMHO.

Enjoy the weekend all.


"Be slow in choosing a friend, even slower when changing" Benjamin Franklin
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03-20-2012, 02:48 AM
Post: #95
Re: National Saamtrek
If anyone who is going to be on the Baviaanstrek didnt receive a contacts list this morning – or if your particulars are incorrect or incomplete then please e mail me your details to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Chris McD.
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