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Synthetic Winchline (Plasma rope)
07-13-2016, 10:26 AM
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Synthetic Winchline (Plasma rope)
Here just some general information regarding replacing steel cable on recovery winches with synthetic line (aka plasma rope). There was a discussion an the WhatsApp group and I would like to share some light into the rope vs cable debate.

I do not know where the term "plasma rope" comes from but it has got nothing to do with "plasma". The winch line replacements I know of are made of a synthetic fibre rope called Dyneema. Dyneema has been developed for and is widely used in competitive sailing. In sailing one is constantly looking to increase loads and shedding weight. Here some Dyneema facts:

1. Dyneema is 8 times lighter than wire if you compare breaking loads
2. Dyneema is 70% stronger than wire if you compare by weight
3. Dyneema will not kink
4. No strength is lost when you have an overlap on your winch drum
5. Dyneema floats in water and is easily handled when pulled out.
6. Dyneema has virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure.

Pos 6 is most probably the most important one as it greatly improves the safety of the operator and bystanders during a recovery. A breaking steel cable can cause all sorts of damage and injury in the event of failure. The Dyneema rope can even be spliced back together after breaking.

There is more information to be found here:

I hope this is of any interest.

Cheers Lars
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