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Vestigial sliding door guide on the right hand side?
09-30-2016, 11:09 AM
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Vestigial sliding door guide on the right hand side?
Hello, I’m stuck at home off sick with a heavy cold. Popping ears, thumping headache, streaming eyes and nose all the good stuff. Anyway, I’m killing some time on the internet checking for updates on your great forum and read about Frikkie321’s very fine looking 1991 Syncro for sale.
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=6026]

I notice that his Syncro seems to have been built using a twin slider body panel like all right hand drive European built T3s rather than the bespoke SA panel that mirrors the style of European LHD single sliders. I have noticed this on a handful of other SA Syncros.

Being bored, I did a google image search of ‘1991 Syncro site:za’, followed by ‘1990 Syncro site:za’ and ’1989 Syncro site:za’, I then repeated the searches replacing ’Syncro’ with ‘Microbus’. I noticed that it just seems to be some 1990 and 1991 Syncros that have this vestigial door guide, I haven’t found a photo of a 2wd SA T3 with this panel.

Does anyone know the story here? Were twin slider T3s built in SA? Were they using up old stocks from Europe or SA before the launch of the big window T3? Why does it appear that only the Syncros were built this way?

I think it’s time for some paracetamol and a hot drink…
All the best,
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