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10-10-2011, 09:44 AM
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Dammit, Yesterday I took the family (try to :cry: ) to Mokala. 30 km out of town my bus started overheating!! I have fulled the water reservoir the night before , checked oil, full up gas,checked the tires, made a little prayer, everything that the bus must just give us a enjoyable 160km for the day!!! :shock: But apparently that was to much to asked from it!)

I stopped on the roadside packed all the stuff from the engine bay, opened up the lid and tried to cool her down! The basted burned my arm with steam, sprayed the inside of the bus wit hot water, covered my family in red rusty water (actually that was funny, to see them do a evacuation drill out of the bus, paratroopers have come to my mind Big Grin )

So when it all was done we started filling it with H2O and open the little bleed screw, so that it can get out all the air.

3 km further same procedure!!! :o This is when I realized we will not see Mokala today. Full with water again, and turn around , back to Kimberley. again overheating, so this time I stopped and , catch a hike back to my house and fetch my Ford.

I towed the basted back home, I think it must have been the fastest that Syncro ever have traveled! Because it was now powered by Ford!! :twisted:

So at home I started taking all in consideration, what could have been the problem? It have overheated before, but that was in high summer, with customers in and a off-road trailer on tow.

But this time it was cool outside, with only 8 persons and a large cool-bag in the back!

All I could have find that puzzled my brain was the pressure cap on the reservoir. according to the writing on it, it must open on 0.5? but if I suck on it or blow threw it , it happens very easy! Now I have never smoked in my live, so I know my longs is still good, but I don't think one is supposed to easily suck or blow threw the cap. what do you think?

The other thing is, what are the chances of the thermostat opening to late?

I am really loving this bus, but it's reliability is starting to work on my tiet spiere!!

Any advise, (even if it involve matches) are welcome.

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10-10-2011, 12:19 PM
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Re: overheating!!!
if you blow through the cap it should make a vibrating sound, if it does not the cap is gone. try that first. 2nd thing brown water is not a good sign, maybe flush the system and fill with the correct anti freeze and water mix. wasserboxers need antifreeze, other wise the head bolts rust and you end up with hassles. Bleed the system.

once you have done that and run the motor until warm, check to see if there are bubbles coming into the bottle through the bleeding ring, if there are rev the motor a little and see if the rate of bubbles increases, if so a head gasket is blown, the compression is blowing past the gasket into the water.


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